The Healthy Northeast Pennsylvania Initiative is a collaboration among member healthcare organizations and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Our goal is to assess and address community health needs; increase regional healthcare funding leverage for programs and services; and facilitate awareness,education and wellness for residents of Northeast Pennsylvania.

  • The HNPI can link stakeholders and consumers of health to local community health resources and programs offered locally
  • Provide database on local health needs and priorities (Note: We recently participated in a community health re-assessment for Lackawanna and Luzerne county)
  • Provide information for other community collaborations



"The HNPI is designed to facilitate population health initiatives through community collaboration that engage individuals from the behavioral sciences, human services, primary health care services, business, industry, education, consumers and government of Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties in creating healthy communities."


Through actions reflecting our values, we will help people to improved health and  well-being in ways that are both distinctive and measurable.  Ever conscious of the need to balance our mission and our financial stewardship, we will pursue this future with a passionate commitment to evolving cultures, promoting trustingrelationships, seeking innovation and demonstrating value for those we serve.